Need an alliance

Need an alliance of my prestige level
Can do map4 (x5)
Line: bob7bobby


  • Hi! I think our alliance might be a good fit for you! We mostly just play for fun but we do have some basic rules: we save SA points on alternating weeks, play two battlegroups for AW, play AQ maps 3 and 2 (but we do have members that can and have beat map 4), and ask that you don't join war or quest unless you'll have time to play, in other words, no taking up a spot just for the rewards. We also have a chat on discord that we use to coordinate and strategize, and although the chat is strongly recommended, it is not actually required. The link for the chat is in our alliance info.

    Membership is open right now if you want to check us out: [87-71] Kings of Wakanda. The current SA is a save, so no opening cystals/ranking up/leveling up until the next SA begins. Thanks!
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