Back to the basics! No BG minimums, map 8 and Plat wars.

Contest of weirdos needs a few good recruits to round out our alliance for next season.
We currently run map 8 with no mods and typically get an alliance placement of 150-250/wk.
That not easy and rewarding enough for you? How about platinum wars with no pushes except to stay platinum. P4 is most likely and who cares, rewards ARENT that different to push and stress!
BGs were a cool idea but who wants to waste away on a game ALL day. An average bg match making, team selections, fighting is a waste of time if you are the type that wants to get in game, do your business and hop back into real life. But hey if you want to do BGs, we won't stop you. Just make sure you are joining AW and AQ asap and not BGs first. Team first mentality here.

We are looking for recruits to be US time zones, have LINE and be Team players by communicating and planning to help minimize resource consumption by everyone.

If this sounds like the group you've been waiting for, who can blame you. Let's talk.

LINE & IGN captdeadp00l


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