Casual alliance looking for active players willing to use discord to coordinate

Kings of Wakanda (tag: 87-71) are a core group of 11 players looking for others who share our same goals - to have fun, steadily improve, and communicate/coordinate on war and quest. We use discord and while it's not currently required, we are trying to move in that direction and prefer new members who will use it. The link to join is in our alliance info.

Currently we save SA points on alternating weeks, play two battlegroups for AW (tier 16 rewards), and play AQ maps 3 and 2. Eventually we want to get good enough to not have to save, play three AW battlegroups, and begin donating / running AQ map 4.

Membership is open right now if you want to check us out. The current SA is a save, so no opening crystals/ranking up/leveling up until Thanksgiving (11/23). Thanks!
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