**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
We have not set an end-date for the new period, but we will update this banner when we have more information.

H2NO is looking

We are newly formed alliance by a group of experienced players. Helping players grow in their progression is our main Core.
We currently doing
1. AQ Map 5 x 5
2. AW 3 BGs
3. BG 100k min but this can be negotiable
We are currently looking for few players to join us, if you are
2. Cav players trying to get help/tips to become Thronebreaker or Paragon
3. Thronebreaker or Paragon players looking for less stressful environment specially in AW
4. Returning players after a long break
We use Line for all our general and war communication
If this is something you are looking for, feel free to contact me, keltan79 is my Line ID.


  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    We need 2 more
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    Need 1 more
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    We kicked one for not participating in AQ. So yeah back to looking for 1
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    Unfortunately someone retired right before AW... So we are urgently need 1.
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    Looking for 1 to replace someone gone MIA. Currently we at Gold 3.
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    Looking for 2 to replace non active players
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    Still looking for 1 Active & Reliable player .
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    Looking for 1 in G2 tier 9 war.
    Someone left a sudden cos unable to cope with tier 9.
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