7.5M Alliance, Map 5X5 - Looking for 3

We're short a few members and are looking for replacements before the start of next AQ series.

AQ: Run 5X5 and finish around 80-90M each week to stay in expert tier.
AW: We bounce around Tier 5-7.
SA: Finish with 6-20% rewards every week, no need to hold crystals.

- 15K Completion
- No requirements for Item Use as we hit all those milestones naturally
- No arena requirements. A few of us are grinders so we'll hit some of the milestones.

We're a chill group who play competitively but are understanding that real life comes first. Just communicate well, check Line before moving in AQ/War, and you'll fit right in with us.

Hit me up on Line if interested: khaldj
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