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Item Use Bug

I'm now encountering a bug where using an item (potion, boost) causes the game to freeze immediately upon clicking the button to use the item. A frozen circle appears on the item and the typical connection icon shows up spinning. I have to close the game and reopen.

I'm on Android Galaxy S21 with latest OS and latest game version.


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    ReAnimatorPDXReAnimatorPDX Posts: 12
    I'm not sure what is going on. I'm still running into this issue. I have multiple accounts but I'm only experiencing this with one account.
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    AsyalolAsyalol Posts: 26
    hello, during this week's titan side quest, there is a bug when using boosts or revives. I have a very good ultra fast internet connection, this bug this product even in 4G. you have to restart the game constantly and I lost a lot of boost because of this crash. I am attaching the screenshots to show that the game crashes, please do not answer me by saying to check my connection or to reinstall the game, I have no problems with my internet, I am on ultra fast fiber and in 4G. THANKS
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    I am also facing the same item use bug as well. Whenever use any items ( boost, potion or revive the game freeze and everytime I need to reopen the game. Is there any solution for this bug.
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