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Can a thronebreaker claim a paragon stamp?

Im a thronebreaker and I’ve been buying the tb daily offer and then the paragon one occasionally and finally got enough to claim a stamp. Just looked at the store and can’t find the paragon selector anywhere? Can I not claim it as a thronebreaker? And if not why doesn’t it warn me of that anywhere? Why does it even let me buy them?


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    IlluminantIlluminant Posts: 196
    Anyone know?
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    Ioniqus_797Ioniqus_797 Posts: 117
    Probably not... Just as a cavalier can't claim TB stamps.
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    FurrymoosenFurrymoosen Posts: 2,225 ★★★★★
    Once you reach Paragon you will be able to use them. They’re not going anywhere, so you can continue to stockpile them until you reach the required progression to turn them in.
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