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May 19th - Latency Issues Consumables Package

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Hello Summoners!

Earlier this month, with the release of our 39.0 build, we saw a peak in latency issues that negatively impacted Summoners' experiences in the Contest. As a result, today, we will be sending a consumables package to all Summoners containing the following items:
  • 2x Full Energy Refills
  • 2x Reroll
  • 2x Victory Shield
  • 5x Level 5 Health Potion
  • 5x Level 3 Revive
  • 4x Level 4 AVA Health Potion
  • 4x Level 4 AVE Health Potion
  • 4x Level 2 AVE Revive
  • 5,000x Trophy Tokens
As previously mentioned in this thread, these issues were most impactful in Battlegrounds. Therefore, we will be refunding BG items spent between Friday, April 28th 10:00am PDT and Wednesday, May 3rd 10:00am PDT. This includes: Energy, Elder Marks and Victory Shields.

As this requires our engineers to pull a lot of specific data, our timeline for this isn't locked, but we will provide more information soon!

Thank you Summoners,

-MCOC Team
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