Dexterity and Parry not responsive in AQ [Under Investigation]

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Hi all,

Recurring theme the past few AQ's, dexterity and parry are not working as intended. In fact, this AQ has been appauling.

Today, I was in an AQ fight when dexterity would barley work. Couldn't dodge back when the opponent was dashing in, nor could i dodge back in time to avoid a heavy attack. The response time for dexterity and parry in AQ is terrible, this needs to be fixed ASAP.

The game even torments you by having 'Dexterity' or 'Parry' pop up on the left hand side, even though your champ doesn't perform the move. Surely if it registers with the text pop ups then this would mean the game has acknowledged that either dexterity or parry was performed? If so, why doesn't the champ perform the move!

In all other game modes, except those which have an online element i.e AQ/AW, dexterity and parry works fine. No problems at all. Hell i even completed Act 5 chapter 2 the other day with relative ease. This was all because the gameplay was smooth and responsive.

Please please please listen to the community and the countless posts regarding dexterity and parry response time. We aren't all posting to vent, OK maybe 95% are, but we are posting to make you aware of consitent problems in the game that need to take priority, as opposed to adding more content which just adds more fuel to the fire.

Yours truely

A very annoyed Dongowarrior
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    Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey guys. The team is currently work on the issues with not being able to dash back/parry/evade etc. Hopefully we'll have an update shortly.

    As for @UndeadProphet's stun timer issue, would you be able to provide video or a screenshot of this? I haven't been able to reproduce it on my end yet. Thanks!
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    arin_arinaarin_arina Posts: 210
    That’s weird. The left side of my iPad is not responsive sometimes specially in Arenas .
    It has been for 1 week. I can’t parry or even block at the beginning of fight.
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