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Battleground tactic

Can someone explain the tactic of putting more than 1/2 your deck as 4s and the rest as 6s? Seems a lot are doing this. Are they circumventing the randomness of your choices of champs?


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    zernixzernix Posts: 82
    I don't know if it even works anymore, but initially you were matched mainly (only?) on the strength of your deck.

    So if half was super strong and half was super weak, you'd average out and get matched against people with overall much weaker champs.

    They supposedly made changes so this no longer works but since we don't fully know how match making is handled I can't really say with any confidence this does or does not work.
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    BluntMacheteBluntMachete Posts: 134
    Matching aside, he has maybe 15ish 6s and his choices during picking rounds never included his 4s so it's like he only brought premium champs to chose from a smaller pool
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