Yay 3* Offers

I don’t know but I feel like kabam is out of touch with the player base. 3* offers? What year is this 2014? Didn’t kabam announce 6*s coming who would want a 3*? Would a player starting out really want a 3* when he could and should reroll and start out with a 4* like how people play other games with a gacha system. Hilarious. Ill take my warning now I guess.

P.S don’t disappoint me on cyber Monday with 4* stuff. Thanks. Oh and I guess I’ll see kabam miike this Wednesday on Hela champion spotlight where he tells us 4* stats but not 5*.



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    DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,876 ★★★★★
    The player base is always growing, a 3* to beginners is like a 5* to us.

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    DReckoningDReckoning Posts: 57
    The player base is always growing, a 3* to beginners is like a 5* to us.

    Im sure the first gen IPod 2001 to someone interested in an mp3 is like the latest iPod 2017 for us too to you right lol.

    Never have I played a game where I was like “oh man I want a 3*.” It was always what’s the highest * I can start out with which usually is a 4* - 5* in a 5-6* meta.
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    The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 907 ★★★
    For abilities and certain content that I haven't finished yet, some 3*'s with certain abilities are better than just a stronger 4* to me. Case in point, I still use 3* maxed sig Crossbones and 3* BW for some RTTL content because I do not have their 4* or higher counter part.
    I wouldn't say I am focused on 3* champs in the slightest but occasionally where I'm at in the game I need one and often duped and maxed if I do not have an alternative at the time.
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    WOKWOK Posts: 468 ★★
    IMO, not every offer has necessarily been in tune for higher level players nor have/can they been something that fits everyone. I think this offer is targeted more for players that have been playing for less than 3 months. 99cents for what's included in the package is an unintimidating and near irresistible price to someone new, and would fuel the fire for future purchases.

    For players with large rosters and experience with more "end game" content this offer would seem pretty ridiculous, but for the player who's fretting over how to get past Act3 and roster size comparable to their ISO inventory, this would probably seem like the break they've been waiting for.

    @DReckoning I agree with you about wanting the highest, but realistically, although the meta is unfolding with 6*'s in the horizon, what could a new player under 3mos. do with a 6* if they got one anyhow? IMO, the amount of resources it takes to level and rank up a 5* currently is pretty difficult for the avg. beginner to farm together in any short period of time... It would be nice yes, but more likely just a trophy until they get deeper in the game. A 3* crystal to either dupe a current or add to their roster would probably be more beneficial to get where they need to be.
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