Game improvement for when 6*'s are released

So I Have been thinking of ways to improve the game so I thought I'd write a post with my suggestions
1. Restore diversity to 125 points and add Defender kills and make the 50 points
2. New SA bracket for Alliances that are 7 mil plus when 6*'s are released this would be nice for us bigger Alliances because we will be 5*/6* focused while smaller Alliances will be 4*/5* focused
3. Uncollected Arenas with the base pool growing so fast it is hard for players to get specific Champions that they so instead of 3* Featured, 4* basic, and 4* Featured, we'd have 4* Featured, 5* Basic, and 5* Featured
4. After the March addition of Champions I think most players would like to see a break from adding to the 5* base pool this will allow us to get more champions and give us better chances for dupes I think a 6 month break would be good
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