Currently, Alliance Prestige (as it concerns Alliance Quests) is not taking Relic Prestige into account. If possible, we are working to address this for the next round of Alliance Quests but will have more information for you when it is available.
Due to issues affecting Alliance Quests, we will be cancelling the current series of Alliance Quests. For more information, including compensation information, read more here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/320306/cancelling-alliance-quests-november-24-2022/

Warning to all alliances

Watch out for this guy. His name in game is satansdemon6. He likes to jump ship in the middle of AQ & AW.


  • RapRap Posts: 3,118 ★★★★
    Why would you accept someone with that sn anyway? Shame on you! He told you right up front he was an @**!
  • RexDeusRexDeus Posts: 20
    I didn’t pick him
  • GluteusMaximusGluteusMaximus Posts: 1,492 ★★★
    that makes no sense. then his champs are stuck and he gets no rewards. unless he's just a bored troll. then it's awesome. he appears to be a mid-level 60 guy, so probably a troll.
  • KingCrooksKingCrooks Posts: 176
    Dude just a heads up so you know and don't get in trouble, if Kabam sees this before u take it down you will get a strike warning, they reprimand ppl for posts like this, it gets u in trouble. Forreal just letting u know, it happened to me too over a line chat issue I had with some bad dudes
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