Looking for 3 solid players to join our 7.8M Map 5X5 Alliance

A few of our members are leaving due to work commitments, so we're looking for replacements to join us before the next AQ series.

We run Map 5x5. All 3 BGs complete with hours to spare, so none of that last minute down to the wire stuff. We score about 80-90M weekly.

AW tier bounces around 5-7. We're a mix of P2P and F2P, so we don't ask people to drop serious cash and resources to win a war.

We hit Item Use and Completion event milestones. No arena required, but we've got a few grinders so we'll hit some of those rewards anyway.

No barriers to account rating or prestige. If you can handle Map 5 with 4/40s and you communicate well, you're more than welcome to join us here.

We understand that real life comes first so nobody will ever give you a hard time if you can't log on to play. Despite that, we grow very quickly here. This alliance took me in when I was a only 40K rated player, and I've grown to 225K since August.

Hit me up on Line if you're interested: khaldj
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