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Dr. Strange Buff Idea

Signature Ability
☆ Hex
▪︎ Every time a Buff is Nullified or Prevented from the opponent deals X Burst Damage on them. Additionally, Dr. Strange gains Passive Prowess Buffs. Max stacks 5.
▪︎ Counterspell can now Nullify Passive Buffs.
▪︎ Whenever the opponent uses a Special Attack, they are inflicted with Power Lock for 5 seconds after.


☆ Passives
▪︎ Dr. Strange can Parry a non-contact hit.
▪︎ The last Medium attack is energy damage.
▪︎ All energy attacks deals extra Burst Damage.
▪︎ Everytime Dr. Strange changes his Blessing, gain Power Gain for 1 second.

☆ Counterspell
▪︎ The Sorcerer Supreme automatically counters enemy Buff effects with countermagic. Spell effectiveness: 85%

☆ Vishanti Blessings
▪︎ The fourth Light Attack changes Dr. Strange's blessing.
▪︎ When Depending, Vishanti Blessings change every 9 seconds.
● Agamotto's Insight grants increased Attack, Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage Rate.
● Hoggoth's Wisdom grants 12% Power Rate, and all hits Regenerate X% HP.
● Oshtur's Refuge grants increased Armor and Block Proficiency

☆ Special Attacks
▪︎ When using Special Attacks, Dr. Strange gains Buffs depends on what Blessing he currently has.
● Agamotto's Insight: Dr. Strange's attacks deal Energy Damage for 10 seconds.
● Hoggoth's Wisdom: Dr. Strange gain Armor Buff and inflicts Armor Break on the opponent for 10 seconds.
● Oshtur's Refuge: Gain Mirror Dimension Aura.
☆ Mirror Dimension
▪︎ Dr. Strange's attacks deals Energy Damage.
▪︎ All projectile attacks won't hit Dr. Strange.
▪︎ Opponent's inside the Mirror Dimension Aura has:
• - X% Attack Rating
• - X% Combat Power Rate
• - X% Defensive and Offensive Ability Accuracy

☆ Special Attack 1
▪︎ Inflicts Heal Block for 12 seconds.
☆ Special Attack 2
▪︎ Inflicts Energy Vulnerability for 12 seconds.
▪︎ This attack has + X extra Damage for each Special Attack Dr. Strange has used in the entire fight.
☆ Special Attack 3
▪︎ Inflicts Fate Seal for 5 seconds.


  • FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,119 ★★★
    Nice concept! I like that you aren't giving Doctor Strange too many new, unique abilities, and just sticking to ones already in the game. Great work!
  • YngwieYngwie Posts: 91

    Nice concept! I like that you aren't giving Doctor Strange too many new, unique abilities, and just sticking to ones already in the game. Great work!

    Yeah I just thought having Mirror Dimension in the game would be cool and fun
  • EdisonLawEdisonLaw Posts: 216
    I think his Fate Seal should either last longer, or can be refreshed somehow. Other champs have longer fateseals, why shouldn’t he?
  • Shake_a_QuakeShake_a_Quake Posts: 446 ★★★
    Hell yes. Great idea and Strange definitely deserves it. Wanted to ask something, why just 5 seconds of fate seal for the sp3 and no more....?
    Also, strange could have a bit of ability from superior kang....how he could reverse everything due to time stone, and he gains health and a dark magic burst on contact ability. Obviously it has to be only a mild version of how superior Kang is, while keeping in mind the appropriate concentration for our levitating noodle.
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