Convoluted quest

I'm all for quests with difficult fights but can we make how to get into them slightly more straightforward or give us a deep dive on how it works. Seems like every side event this year has just gotten more and more convoluted to understand. Make the fights difficult, sure. Not the means of entering the fights.

Also, please never time Gate via a side event again. If you're gonna time Gate just keep it in the calendar.


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    MoeyTehrMoeyTehr Posts: 433 ★★
    It does feel like that Kabam has forgotten the definition of side quests, although this one isn't so bad as the last few months.
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    Drago_von_DragoDrago_von_Drago Posts: 781 ★★★★
    Why couldn’t the keys be in a new objective every day that doesn’t expire or get replaced and make each one stay until the end of the month or until completed? That wouldn’t require daily log in to not miss one.

    Doing this as an event with timers on the rewards was an odd choice and seems to have backfired because they were claimable through the stash anyway.
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