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Groot Tune up suggestion

Where there are effects noone is immune to, usually the next step is to make someone immune (scorpion with rupture, iceman with nova flames for example).

So I present the following suggestion for groot:

1. Groot reduces 95% of all damage done to him while rooted
2. Groot roots opponents during all of his specials for the duration of them plus 2 seconds.
3. Signature ability (I am groot): Groot does 10% - 100% more damage and his regen rate increases 10%-50% when opponent is rooted
4. Prefights (we are groot and I love you guys): Groot starts with 2 charges and gains 2 for every fight he wins. before a fight, groot can expend a pre-fight charge so that the next time somone else takes that fight, they get #1 or #3 and reduce all root effects by 50% duration

This won't make goot OP... but its much within the spirit / abilities of the character, provide much needed game mechanic, and would make him a great "tool in the summoner's toolbelt" without making him a top 5 champ.


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    noclutchnoclutch Posts: 186 ★★
    That would make him pain in the ass on No retreat
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