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Omega Red or Abs Man - Sig stones

I have 2 mutant AGs, 1 generic AG plus a ton of sig stones. I was all gung ho for the next level up event to awaken and sig my Omega Red but then last night I pulled Absorbing Man and now I don't know what to do. Either way I'm awakening my Omega and likely Toad (Namor is still under consideration) but the question is who should I prioritize for the stones?

At times I've found Abs Man tricky in BGs but I've solod him several times as AW boss with the likes of Void and S2099. I love Omega Red and when I was still using 5*'s he was used often as I run suicides, but this was before BGs.

Content remaining: Exploration of Act 6, 7.3-7.4, completion/exploration of Act 8, Gauntlet, EOP and Abyss though if I'm being honest I can see never even attempting Abyss.

Omega Red or Abs Man - Sig stones 9 votes

Omega Red
doctorbwillrun4adonutAnsh_ADeath33KnightOfTheRealmLegotb27 6 votes
Absorbing Man
Ben_15455LBN1bigger_daddy 3 votes
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