Need a break this summer? So do we! Alliance looking for members to run map 5 and 2 bg wars

Contest of weirdos is taking a step back from map 8 to map 5 and looking to drop to 2 BG wars for the summer.

If you're anything like us, the summers are often spent with family, on vacations or just out enjoying the weather. This is a harder time of the year to keep everyone active so we are scaling back and need some like minded new members to fill out the ranks.

We will be running 3 bgs of map 5 no modifiers
We will be running 2 bgs of AW first come first served. only ask that if you join, participate.

Looking at possibly being able to take in a whole bg if one hits us up asap or we can take in any solos or groups as well.

Line & IGN captdeadp00l


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    Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Spots filling in quick, only a few left. Thanks to those who reached out and joined. Anyone who hasn't yet please remember any alliance rewards tied to 4th sale could have a time limit with time in alliance to claim so let's get in touch soon.

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