Upcoming Changes to Loki - November 22nd

Hello Summoners!

As many of you have seen around the Forums, Reddit and YouTube, Loki and Hela make a great team. Their synergy makes Loki’s Special 2 much more powerful than it currently is.

However, this synergy also makes Loki far too powerful in modes such as Labyrinth of Legends, where he is dealing enormous amounts of damage.

This is an unbalanced Synergy, and one that must be addressed before it becomes an issue. We do, however, still want this to be a desirable and useful Synergy, and still makes Loki a viable option in Labyrinth, and other challenging content, while not affecting his abilities when not using this synergy. Remember, the Labyrinth of Legends is meant to be the most challenging content available in the Realm!

Effective later today, Loki’s Special 2 direct damage will be Capped at 100,000 damage. To give you all an example of the severity of Loki’s OP nature, let’s look at Star Lord as another example. Star Lord is one of the most popular Champions to use in the Labyrinth, and with his escalating damage determined by his combo count, it would take a 5-Star, 4/55 Star Lord around 200 hits to be able to deal that kind of damage with his Special 2 attack, and is still 2x higher than the Damage cap in the Labyrinth of Legends.

This is all a result of a bad case of tuning our end, and while the synergy is intentional, we didn’t intend for this use case or for Loki to be able to do this kind of damage. We are very confident that this change must be made before Hela is released in game, as to not put us in a position where we have to make an adjustment to the Synergy down the line.

Additionally, the new description calls out that this is Direct Energy Damage. This is not a change, and has always been the case, but was not displayed in the past.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked to get you all information on this.

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