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On Cheating and Player Conduct - Updated Feb 1 2018

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Hi everybody.

This is a very important note for all of our players on the dangers of using exploits, mods, or hacks in the Contest. It also speaks to expected player behavior in the game.

While most summoners are honest and play the game legitimately, some players may be tempted to use exploits or mods to unbalance the game in their favor,. We do not ignore these concerns, and we are continuously investigating any cases that arise or are reported to us. We will punish those that break the rules. This means that using exploits or applications that modify the experience of the game, or upset the balance of fair play, can result in being banned from the game permanently as well as our forums.

Not all violations are of the same severity, and as a result differing punishments may apply. For instance, an in-game exploit that a player uses once or twice due to ignorance or inability to avoid it is our fault. In instances like this, it is very unlikely that any action would be taken against a player, although the team may certainly remove any incorrect rewards over granted as a result of the exploit when possible. An exception to this would be if it becomes clear that a player users an avoidable exploit to an extreme degree to their benefit, and in doing so puts other players at a disadvantage. Players that have used a 3rd Party Hack or Modification to beat another Alliance or Player can see their account immediately banned.

Let us be clear - if you hack, cheat, share your account, attempt to sell your account or commit fraud, we will find you and punish you in order to protect the game playing experience for our honest and dedicated players. This includes using 'pay for services' where someone else offers to complete in-game tasks for you in exchange for some form of payment. Make no mistake, this is a form of account sharing and these individuals often use third party software in order to complete these tasks - a double whammy of no-nos.

If you are wondering where to report new hacks or mods you think you've found, or suspicious player activity - you can PM a forum moderator, or contact customer service directly. Posts sharing information on how to hack or cheat the game, as well as accusing other players of cheating will be removed from our forums or have their posts deleted. We do not allow public finger pointing, as many of the accusations we see turn out to be false. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot follow up and share results of our investigations. But we can assure you that we take action and ban where needed and deserved. Our team detests cheating just as much as all of you do!

Other behavior that we take action on, which can range from temporary in-game suspensions, chat bans, to permanent game bans: online bullying, chat behavior of a sexual nature, anything that is racist, sexist, or discriminatory in nature. MCOC is meant to be an abuse free zone, and those that engage in unpleasant or abusive trolling behavior will be dealt with.

We greatly appreciate all of the reports we receive from players wanting to keep The Contest a fun gaming experience for everyone!
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