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Looking for an alliance

am active joins AQ fights. I am tired of others who do not join. Looking for an alliance that communicates, helps out and wants to be a team. Map 6 I want, willing to do map 5 AW need some help with.
Add me online ggodorova1 rosters are easier to post on line app


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    DrauglinDrauglin Posts: 186 ★★
    AQ focused we run maps 5 and 4. War and battlegrounds optional. LINE required.
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    RLFullbackRLFullback Posts: 55
    You can join here mate we are a relatively new alliance aiming to do the maps you ask for as we get more members. We have lots of potential and some pretty strong players already. I am willing to offer you an officer position if you like. I will send you friend request in game if you like
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    eggesteggest Posts: 159
    Hey we have map5x5 AQ with epic mods and optional 1bg War. No other requirements.
    Part of the Avengers Resistance family, lots of friendly groups and other alliance opportunities if you fancy some change after a while.

    If this interests you, add me on Line: eggest1
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