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So I just hit 400k pts for the Alliance but why do I still need 50k for solo rewards

Unless I missed read something why do I still need to get 50k points when I hit 400k already & all done by using Elders , this also happened to other alliance members , I don’t really want to do anymore than 400k but looks like I’m going to have to or miss out on rewards , if anyone has some info on this it would be much appreciated


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    MightyHMightyH Posts: 26
    Axew said:

    The alliance event and solo event give different amounts of points for victory and loss (4700 vs 4500 for victory and 2650 vs 2250 for loss)

    Ah I see that makes total sense thanks for the clarification
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    coolspiderman17_coolspiderman17_ Posts: 322 ★★★
    You’re going for 400k in the solo event, not the ally event. You should be paying attention to the solo score
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