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Immortal Hulk with Relic is nuts

Gainsley_HarriottGainsley_Harriott Posts: 255 ★★
edited July 2023 in General Discussion
Ideally the Hulk relic as that benefits Hulk characters in general.

3 main issues people have with IHulk and how the relic resolves them:

- “No guaranteed stun on SP1”:
You don’t even need SP1 with relic. Build to 2.9 bars of power, SP2, MM, MM, MLLLM, Relic, MLLLM, SP2, MM, MM, H or just carry on combos.

- “Immortality timer too long”:
His above rotation is so long that you can start it at 3/4 of the timer and you will be done by the time you have immortality back. Also the time it will take to build up to 2.9 bars of power + baiting their special attacks when needed will eat up the timer too. Having to wait for something is much less stressful than having to rush to something.

- “Rage stacks hard to maintain”
You don’t need to maintain rage throughout the whole fight. The above rotation will build them like mad and deal insane burst damage. Think of this guy’s attack like a Tsunami followed by calm waters and repeat.

Obviously still bad for BG but everywhere else he’s now even more insane.


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    Gainsley_HarriottGainsley_Harriott Posts: 255 ★★

    Love how strikers extend combos, and this is a good example of why. Gamora is another, because it gives you easy access to a heavy to refresh her buffs. I don’t even care much which relic it is, because the extended combo is the key benefit.

    Yeah for some characters they are huge. Was worried at first when relics weren’t available for story mode for a while.
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    Gainsley_HarriottGainsley_Harriott Posts: 255 ★★
    edited July 2023

    The above rotation can actually be longer if your IHulk is at-least Rank 3.

    This also means that you can safely begin the rotation at 2/3 of the immortality timer instead of 3/4.

    2.9 bars of power, SP2, MM, MM, MLLLM, Relic, MLLLM, SP2, MM, MM, MLLLM, SP1 (continues if you get stun), MM, MLLLM.

    This is wild 😂
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    Gainsley_HarriottGainsley_Harriott Posts: 255 ★★
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