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I love to have fun in RoL, but…

Like I said, it’s so fun to take a new champ into RoL and see what they can do. I love the no nodes, and you can punch them to death without worrying about power getting too high to a SP3. The normal champion attack power, and it just a normal fight is so great! Literally just a normal champion with no SP3 and a LOT of extra HP. HOWEVER, with 7* and r5 6* more abundant, you don’t really get to use them to their full potential in RoL because Winter Soldier dies before you can unleash full potential. I like abyss and labyrinth, but the no nodes of RoL make it my favorite of the 3. I would love to see a new RoL with 6* maybe 7* champions with beefy health pools, but no nodes. A simple line of 7/8 champions with nothing but a lot of health to punch on. I don’t even need good rewards for it to be worth while, just something to add some fun into the game.
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