Dominance (domi2) is looking for 6 active players. Our requirements are: AQ, AW, duels (both days), 3 day completion, and SA. Donations are required weekly: 20K gold, 2K loyalty and 16K battle chips. The line app is required as this is how we communicate as a whole, and each battle group has its own individual chat. We hit all milestones in duels and 3 day completion. We strive to complete the maps in each BG for AQ, and strive to win all wars. We also hit rank rewards for SA.

We are looking for active team players that are level 25 or higher, and have at least a rating of 75k or higher. As long as you participate, show effort, and communicate through line, you will fit in with us. We are laid back, and try to keep it fun while hitting our milestones and goals.

If interested please contact me on line: choas-n-raven14
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