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Skill champs against BWDO

KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
Anyone else having the issue where you game crashed whenever you use a Skill champs against BWDO?


  • DragoshCTDragoshCT Posts: 2
    On my device (iPhone 13 Pro Max w/ iOS 16.6 and MCoC version 40.1.1), the game crashes 100% in all game modes (Practice, Duel, Arena, Quest) when using 6* BWDO vs 6* BWDO. For any other star ranks combinations or other champs it seems to be ok. I also asked the guys in my alliance to try it out on other devices (Samsung, other iphones etc.) and it seems to be working ok.
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    edited July 2023
    I tried testing with Kingpin and NF again but both the same ending crashed and I'm using Samsung S22
    My team mate was using iphone 13 had the same issue
  • Drago_von_DragoDrago_von_Drago Posts: 760 ★★★★
    Is your BWDO awakened?

    I just did a practice fight with my unawakened 6* and it went fine.

    I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro but still on iso 16.5.1 right now.
  • KeltanKeltan Posts: 464 ★★
    BWDO in AQ and arena
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