Iceman bug

So my iceman is sig 200 and thus should have a 100,1% chance to place frostbite on critical hits. As we can see here on exhibit A. That does not happen. Im down with a cold right now but trust you me kabam if i was not i would probably riot! So beware


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    MaratoxMaratox Posts: 1,530 ★★★★★
    The extra 30% chance to place a frostbite on crits only happens when the opponent has a coldsnap debuff on them.
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    MorningstarIsBaeMorningstarIsBae Posts: 126 ★★
    After further investigation the court have concluded that i am an idiot. And will dismiss all charges against Kabam on that matter.
    However the court finds kabam guilty of no showing and have issued fee to be payed in form of a 7* dani moonstar dupe to the plaintiff.

    That will be all
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