Acts 4 and 5 are getting revamped! - August 16 2023 [Timeline Updated]

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Hello Summoners!

Effective August 11th, we will be revamping Acts 4 and 5, addressing some pain points that have held Summoners back, and updating the rewards! We will be distributing the reward differential to anyone who completed Act 4 or 5 content in the last 90 days.

If you’ve been stuck on Act 4 or 5 (I’m looking at you, 5.2.4!), we’re making major changes to help address the problems that have been giving Summoners pause.

Acts 4 and 5 were identified as particular progression pain points for Summoners in our mid-game. The intention with this revamp is to streamline the Summoners’ experience so they do not stumble into a difficulty spike that feels unfair and discourages them from attempting to complete story content.

Some of the changes coming to Acts 4 and 5 include:
  • Removing class and character gates
  • Removing excess link nodes
  • Reducing ambushes
  • Removing hidden and randomized opponent elements
  • Reducing total fights on some paths and replaced repeated defenders
  • Removing Role Reversal global nodes from Act 5
  • Removing camera lock in Act 5
  • Removing the gate and key system in Act 5
  • And more!
One of the major pain points we’re addressing is the ramp up in difficult Nodes and Node Combinations. While some of them will still be around, they will now be confined to a path or two, and not the whole quest, meaning Completion will be much more manageable for Summoners.

It is worth noting that: the Maestro, Collector and Ultron boss fights are unchanged.

As mentioned, rewards are also being retuned to more appropriately assist Summoners in their journey through mid-game story content. The differential in these rewards will also be sent to Summoners who completed content in Acts 4 or 5 in the last 90 days. These Summoners are most in need of the reworked rewards in order to power through their story content journey. Conversely, players who completed this content longer than 90 days ago are likely to find these rewards unhelpful with the challenges they are currently tackling.

EDIT2: Updated release date to August 16th, 2023
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