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why do people say odin isnt top tier

i mean, he hits like a train, amazing synergies, needs next to zero time to get max damage potential, at 6* r1 lv1 he does 55k sp2.

and goated pre-fights, the only thing he lacks in is immunities but thats it, doing a fight where there is no debuffs, odin would be one of my first picks


  • KnightOfTheRealmKnightOfTheRealm Posts: 880 ★★★
    Yeah he’s fantastic, main drawback is healthpool dependent damage. Incredible utility though. A tier champ for sure
  • SamanunSamanun Posts: 311 ★★
    I can think of several reasons
  • 5th5th Posts: 151 ★★

    needs next to zero time to get max damage potential,

    As a odin player, i would say his ramp up takes time to reach full potential: 1 sp1, 2 heavy, 1 sp3.
    But still he's my favourite champ, sometimes feels like he takes less damage from specials.

  • AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,005 ★★★
    Pre-fights and sp2 does good for me. So definitely top tier. I don't know ramp up stuff for him.
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