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Infinity Gems idea


I like the fact that there are rare champs in this game, such as Thanos and Kang. So i thought, why not go even

So the concept is:
There is literally just one copy of each gem in the game, making them the rarest entities, rarer even than Thanos and



A player who owns a gem must select one of his champs to be the possessor of the gem.

Power Gem:
1.The champion is treated as always having a 20% boost.
2.increased power gain and cannot be power-drained or power-locked.

Time Gem:
1. beneficial effects last 2x longer (ex. Unstoppable on Juggernaut lasts 2x longer)
2. detrimental effects on enemies last 2x longer.
3. the duration of detrimental effects on your champ is cut in half.

Space Gem:
1.You can backtrack on the quest map (useful if you go the wrong way in war)
2. You can teleport to any node on the map.

Soul Gem:
1.enemies defeated by the wielder of the Soul Gem become trapped within it. (to represent this, when you're attacking
a defender holding the soul gem, and you get KO'd, you can't revive that champ until the wielder of the Soul Gem is
2. the wielder gains the passive abilities of the "souls" trapped within the gem.

Reality Gem:
1.Your champ ignores the immunities of enemies.
2.passive: ability accuracy of opponents is reduced by 100%
3. your champ ignores armor and all resistances.
4.Polymorph: if the opponent is reduced to 10% or less life, executing an L3 will transform it into a chicken/other animal/inanimate object. This champ remains transformed until the wielder of the gem is KO'd.

Mind Gem:
1.Makes the owner omniscient: unknown champs are made visible to him on the war map/quest map.
2. in addition, he will be given exclusive info on new upcoming champs. (and if this info is leaked, Kabam has the
right to confiscate the gem)



Each gem has a unique way of acquiring it:

Mind gem:
player skill is based on one's mind... thus the Mind Gem will be the prize in a tournament (like the one Lagacy won
in NYCC)

Time gem:
A special Arena....each player receives three 5star champs that has no energy timer....thus u can play these as many
times as u want....basically people with a lot of time will get the time gem.

Power gem:
Money is power. Thus the time gem is won by bidding real $.

Reality gem:
Kabam holds a "create a champ" contest. The winner gets the reality gem for his creativity.

Soul gem:
When i was an officer, i was the one in charge of recruitment. It was a tedious but rewarding process. I felt
like i was collecting players in addition to collecting champs. So my idea is, the player who recruits the most
players will acquire the soul gem. Now i see that people could "cheat" by recruiting the same guy and kicking him
over and over again, so I thought of a few safeguards:
1.a player only counts for 1 point, regardless of how many times he was recruited.
2.kicking a player results in minus one point, regardless of who kicked him (i.e. the recruiter can't cheat by requesting
another officer to be the kicker)
3.when the recruiter switches to another alliance, his points are reduced to zero (because players could cheat by
jumping from one alliance to another)
4.the player ratings and/or prestige of the ones recruited are taken into account. (this is the tie-breaker)

Space gem:
I honestly can't think of a cool, unique way to acquire this. My initial idea was based on the fact that the Space
gem enables the user to teleport, so my idea was the player who plays the game in as many different locations as
possible will win the gem: like he could play at home, at work, then he'd rush to the nearest coffee shop, then rush
to the mall, then rush to the nearest library, then rush to his buddy's house, etc. But I realized players will simply
cheat by doing account-sharing so I scrapped the idea.

Player with all Six Gems:
When one player possesses all six gems, the gems become synergistic, making each more powerful. For example, maybe the power gem now grants a +30% boost.

Stealing a gem from another player:
Once a year, the owner of a gem can be challenged by one player for possession of his gem. To simulate a duel, they
each choose one champ, and they fight a beefed up version of the enemy champ (as if they were fighting a 1vs1 war)
The player who uses the least number of items and/or has less deaths wins. (in case neither died or used items, the tie-breaker could be the one who took the least damage)

But how do we determine who has the right to challenge the owner? At first i thought of a tournament style set-up but i
figured this could be too tedious and complicated so maybe the simplest solution is to hold a special arena and have
the #1 guy be the challenger.


  • Vinh225Vinh225 Posts: 164
    You've written more in this post than I've ever done in my English assignment.
  • HeroBoltsyHeroBoltsy Posts: 773 ★★★
    I feel like this would be a lot of fun...
    ...if it wasn't just making the rich richer. Think about it. What about all us F2P people? And think of how overpowered this would be! I think it's a good, yet greatly flawed, idea.
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