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Infinity Gems v2 (based on Thanos Quest)

Earlier to day I posted some ideas for the Infinity Gems:
but i realized some of my ideas, in particular those on how to acquire them in the game, might have been too goofy, weird or even absurd.

Then Thanos Quest came to mind.

Thanos Quest is a graphic novel published in 1990 that acts as a sort of prequel to The Infinity Gauntlet 6-part limited series published the following year. It chronicles how Thanos acquires the gems from the Elders of the Universe and the In-Betweener.

What if players are given the chance to challenge the various Elders of the Universe for possession of the gems? Now i know we've already defeated the Collector (who, in Thanos Quest, possessed the Reality gem) but i have no problem fighting him again or maybe you could replace him with another character.

Here's the outline from Thanos Quest: (spoiler alert)

Soul Gem (acquired from In-Betweener)

Power Gem (acquired from Champion)

Time Gem (acquired from Gardener)

Space Gem (from Runner)

Reality Gem (from Collector)

Mind Gem (from Grandmaster)

A month after the release of this "Thanos Quest", the performance of the players will be assessed and the one who used the least items, died the least times, and/or took the least damage if they were able to one-shot the enemy, wins the Gem.

Again, I have to state that i really like the idea of having exactly one copy of each Gem in the game. It would make the gems the rarest and most coveted digital properties in the entirety of the online gaming world. Word of mouth will spread and Marvel Contest of Champions will become even more popular because of this in my opinion. It will be known as the ONLY game where only ONE COPY of an acquirable entity was ever released to the public. (then again, I certainly don't know everything and i apologize if this has already been done in the past.)

*please refer to my first post for ideas on what the gems do and how other players could steal the gems from their current owners.

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