Act 4/5 compensation

Anyone know if we are getting compensation as I’ve completed act 4 in the last 90 days and have received nothing. And if we are getting compensation is there a confirmed date when it will be sent out.


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    Alex8907Alex8907 Posts: 1
    Im not sure because i also completed act 4 and most of act 5 in the past 90 days but i still havent got the rewards for it but many people in my alliance already have
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    BeyondBeyond Posts: 14
    Damn fr are they actually still hand out the compensation honestly the communication on this issue is bad
    Is the topic being consciously ignored
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    Mikes_momMikes_mom Posts: 131
    I hope they extend the 90 days period, I have started playing this year and have completed act 4 & 5 120-150 days ago.
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