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Act 5 and 4 revamp rewards not received yet for new summoner

Respected Kabam, I'm a new player and have recently completed act 5 and 4 before the revamp I completed Act 5 chapter, 2, 3 days before revamp and Act 4,1 or 2 months ago, i still haven't received my compensation reward can you please inform me the timing at which we will receive compensation i have to rank 4 my 5-star human torch and magneto so I can take out ulton boss in act 5


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    BurritoBurrito Posts: 2
    I completed act 4 about 3 weeks ago and haven’t received the rewards for being under the 90 limit either :/
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    BeyondBeyond Posts: 14
    Has anyone received this rewards at this point
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    MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 4,413 ★★★★★
    Beyond said:

    Has anyone received this rewards at this point

    No they have not been sent yet
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