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Increase premium 4 star drop rates

Maybe once you reach the 60 day milestone on your account the drop rate should increase? As it’s around 1/100 chance to get a 4 star from a premium.


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    NDK13NDK13 Posts: 620 ★★
    its even less
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    a lot of people are not really desperate for 4* champs by level 60 as long as they have done a good amount of arena and are in an active alliance. PHC are the most common shard to get for a reason. if all of a sudden we were pulling 4* 10% of the time it would devalue 4*. kabam are not going to change the drop rates in any crystals because that basically would make every star champion worth less. i can see them allowing ways to get 4* shards more easily, like increasing rewards in arena and alliance milestones. but only when 6* start coming around
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