Which skill champ to rank?

I'm really stuck on which skill to rank up and could use some advice. So the question/choice is do I bring 4* gp to r5 unduped... 5* Hawkeye unduped to rank 3 or 4 * crossbones to r5 duped. I keep hearing the future is 5* and all that, but I find it hard to believe that 4*s will be completely obsolete and no longer useful..anyways would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for any input


  • crossbones
  • Yeah I've made it to 4.4 of road to labyrinth. So I've deal with a lot of the spiked armor? And thanks for the input!
  • Hawkeye is your best option, really useful at any aspect of the game, great power control and good damage with his bleed also have a guaranteed future while 4* dont
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