Black Panther Civil War

After rewatching the film I have some suggestions that keep in character with the film but also improve the MCOC version.
1) Panther receives a fury and/or regeneration if knocked down, recall after Bucky knocks T’Challa backwards in the cafeteria he up again with renewed vigor.
2) Panther gains power if defender holds block too long. Justification is from when Bucky and Panther were at a standstill on the steps and Panther performed a special move almost out of nowhere.
3) Projectiles attacks that do physical damage do none or vastly reduced. Why? Because the 50 caliber fire from the helicopter on Panther did nothing.
Lastly Panther’s heavy attack are unblockable. This is nearly self evident as Panther heavy claw attack slice through everything except Captain America’s shield.


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    AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 156
    Just two more I forgot to list.
    5) suffers reduced stun like Karnak, in the film Panther recovers almost instantly from Black Widow’s electric paralysis devices.
    6) Caps damages from special 3 attacks, T’Challa able to shrug off being hurled through a plane’s fuselage by Scarlett Witch.
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    Kabam said they'd rework BPCW years back but nothing even happened. They’ve moved on. So should we.
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    AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 156
    Never say never, look how long OG Iron Man took.
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