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Archangel vs Kitty Pryde

Who is the best Mutant Attacker without synergies?

Archangel vs Kitty Pryde 37 votes

buffajrBlackPhoenix44Sw0rdMasterGarlopseudosanedzikidzikcaptain_rogersEwell65SSS69AshacekarDemonic_embraceLickyFishWhistleTribalChiefSeñor DudeDerpyEagleUnOriginalSilentArisQueenMcocMohammad07 19 votes
Kitty Pryde
Manup456Darkrider05BluestoneJustcause102Akkarin23Noob_Master69Adri5846ThePredator1001UltragamerTrongNovMiniMFA_FungiTNK_131TrillibossNemesis_17 15 votes
Someone else
DrZolaRakeYoungKTPrimal 3 votes


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    DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,700 ★★★★★
    Someone else
    Situationally, Magneto.

    Dr. Zola
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    phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,800 ★★★★★
    AA is an order of magnitude easier to play than kitty.
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    UltragamerUltragamer Posts: 454 ★★★
    Kitty Pryde

    AA is an order of magnitude easier to play than kitty.

    Kitty is pretty easy to use unless intercepting is hard for you which is a basic game skill you need to know
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    Noob_Master69Noob_Master69 Posts: 680 ★★★★
    edited September 2023
    Kitty Pryde
    I don't enjoy Kitty too much personally, eventhough I have her R4

    But AA gets kinda roadblocked when a champ has either Bleed or Poison Immunity, and against champs that shrug off a lot it gets annoying to get the first few neuros on

    Where Kitty can still have pretty good damage and/or utility even if the matchup isn't entirly favorable
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