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Proposed Gladiator Tune-Up

Hey all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I feel passionate enough about this to warrant sharing my thoughts on this platform instead of just on content creators’ streams, lol.

So I’m one of the few people who loves how Gladiator works - but I think he should be stronger and have a bit more spice to him:

1. Increase Confidence Buff potency to 4% or better yet 5%. With Cosmic characters like Hercules, Hulkling, CGR, Galan, and now Adam Warlock too who ALL increase their Attack Rating by immense amounts, having a total of over +150% Attack when at 30+ Confidence Buffs is not a hard ask. This is what the potency SHOULD be. I’d settle for the 4% potency, but would prefer the 5%.

2. Increase the normal Confidence Buff stack limit to 28 without throwing an SP3/using the persistent charge Signature Ability. This will make it so that maintaining Ultra Confidence is actually feasible when unawakened/in the first fight if awakened and don’t take any damage if at low sig. The idea of being able to do the physical burst damage and utilize the Unstoppable to dash into the opponent’s specials is SO cool - don’t let it drop off and mean nothing. Simply adding 4 more to the normal stack limit will allow an acceptable upkeep without having to rely on throwing an sp3 or being awakened/high sig - those two actions/increases will instead just enhance him even further.

3. Resistance to DOT, scaling with the Confidence Buff count - personally, I think ALL types of DOTs, but I’ll settle for Poison, Bleed, Rupture, Coldsnap, Incinerate, and Shock since all those make sense with regards to the comic book lore. Gladiator should be a tank when ramped up. The way I think this should work is in two different ways. Either
A. Standard 2% or 3% resistance per Confidence Buff (so at 36 or 40 Confidence Buffs he’ll have 72% or 80% to more than full resistance to the DOTs listed, or just all DOTs, which makes sense since he has an accelerated healing factor as well as invulnerability in the comics) OR
B. At every 12 stacks of Confidence Buffs (which results in Super Confidence or Ultra Confidence or beyond), gain 25%, 30%, or 35% resistance to the DOTS listed or all DOTs, resulting in a maximum of 75%, 90%, or more than full resistance to the DOTs listed. This makes sense, comic wise, and would be an acceptable mechanic in my opinion. This would also result in a pseudo-invulnerability mimicking what he has in the comics since he won’t die to DOTs, which we are seeing with Morbius (go ahead, now try and say that’s too OP).

4. Stun Immunity - with Hercules, Nick Fury, Valkyrie, and others let’s just make him fully, passively Stun Immune upon reaching Ultra Confidence (>24 Confidence Buffs). Simple change. The Stun Immunity he has right now is borderline useless.

All in all, I think what I’ve proposed is an acceptable, but very effective set of improvements. Gladiator’s design at the base is awesome - you’ve introduced a new style of gameplay that I personally love, with awesome animations and great concepts that support the character’s lore. However, he can, and should, be much stronger. If you did the above, Kabam, you would do not just the community better justice for their Summoner’s Choice champion, but the character himself as well.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks to all those who read this in advance. :)
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