Is Node 24 in AW the best defensive node?


Is Node 24 in AW the best defensive node on the map? It seems like if utilizing that node correctly (Medusa, Green Goblin, Etc) you can average a high kill count. What are your thoughts?

Also, what is some advice on who to use or how to defeat this node. It seems like using champions that do not buff would be your best bet. Thoughts?


  • OmniOmni Posts: 574 ★★★
    Ultron is a pain there at times. I think gg is probably the worst though.
  • OG Vision has done well to kill that node
  • Both visions adn yondu do well to counter, SL does ok if you can get high enough combo, Gilly with max md can own it (hint each regen triggers MD). Even on robots gilly does well as you get the reverse then trigger the node to regen and watch the health melt away instead of gain. Usually takes 2 sp2 to kill that node.
  • Voodoo is good to use there too, if the defender isn't poison immune. Hyperion and GG have been tough on there. Blade was a challenge too.
  • A 4/55 Ant Man at high sig level with a Doc Ock synergy might be unpleasant too. Or you could place him on tile 42. Although someone would have to take one for the team by using t2a on Ant Man.
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