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Looking for BG focused alliance

17k prestige, looking for a BG focused alliance. I don't mind doing AQ or AW, but would prefer to keep those lower stress. I have a discord for communication. PM me if there's a place for me in your alliance!


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    The_CosmosThe_Cosmos Posts: 56
    We are a Gold2/1 alliance in war with 4.5 mil in BG at this moment and gradually building the alliance for BG focus. 6/5/5 4200 glory in AQ. WOULD U BE INTERESTED?

    Line: Thecosmos9
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    AvengerDaanAvengerDaan Posts: 52
    Add me on discord if you’re interested. Username AvengerDaan. We are a G1 alliance with currently 9.5mln points in BG. For AQ we do a boss rush with whoever is interested, that’s optional though.
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    RAVEN1815RAVEN1815 Posts: 203
    Join us allaince tag X208

    Add me on line raven1815 or ingame StrikaC
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    We almost at 13m points, add me at KINGBLACKSHEEP on discord or ign
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    RaiderbobRaiderbob Posts: 169
    We’re a solid G1 ally, running mandatory AQ and AW (in season) and optional BG (will finish between 8-9mill). Chill alliance as long as you’re active and communicate when you can’t be. Drama-free! Hit me up on Line if you’re interested. ID is RaiderBob
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