Ways to Add Tier 1 Alphas

As many people are aware, for endgame players and even those who are just ranking up many 5 stars, tier 4 class catalysts are now flowing in steadily, but tier 1 alphas are still very difficult to get your hands on. I have though of some ways to make them more accessible to endgame players:
Adding a new Proving ground similar to the Expert one where either half or a full t1a is rewarded every 2 or 3 days but is more difficult
Adding tier 1 alphas as rewards for the final milestone of the 3 day solo events such as Level up
Adding tier 1 alphas to AQ rewards (either adding a substantial amount to rank rewards or 1/2 or a full one to each milestone past 50 mil in the expert bracket)
Putting in tier 1 alphas as a possible reward in map 5/6 crystals - maybe with instead of drawing 2 rewards from each (I.e. 1,000 basic and 500 science t4 catalyst fragment, add a 3rd reward consisting of alpha fragments/fully formed)
Any or all of these changes could help to improve the availability of this resource in order to fit it correctly on the desirability ladder below tier 4 basics.
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