The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.

Vision(Age Of Ultron) Rework

Vision(Age Of Ultron)
Class: Tech
Signature Ability: Density Manipulation
Every time Vision is charging a heavy attack, dashes forward or holds block, gain an Increased Density charge. When hit, Vision has a chance to decrease his Density and phase through the attack, but spends an Increased Density charge by doing so. If all Increased Density charges are spent, revert back to Vision's normal state and phase is removed

1, Increased Density: Whenever the opponent hits into your block, gain an Increased Density charge. If 5 charges are reached, activate Increased Density. Vision gains Unstoppable and Unblockable for 2 seconds. After Increased Density has expired, you cannot gain Increased Density charges for 15 seconds
2, Decreased Density: When Vision is hit when Unstoppable is active, gain Decreased Density for 2 seconds. This enables Vision to phase through all enemy attacks, and special attacks do no damage.
3, AI Analysis: Being an AI, Vision has access to information across the web, granting him the ability to counter any attack. Start the fight with Auto Block, True Strike and Precision until his first combo ends. Gained with a Persistent Charge
4, Vibranium Exoskeleton: As an android made of vibranium, Vision has access to all its properties. Start every fight with 50% Perfect Block Chance, Armor Up and Stored Vibranium Energy until his first Unstoppable is triggered. Gained with a Persistent Charge
5, Mind Stone Energy: With the Mind Stone implanted in his head, Vision's power is boosted immensely. Medium and Heavy Attacks using the Mind Stone inflict a Plasma and Power Burn debuff, dealing 5% of Vision's Attack Rating and burning 20% of bar of power. Special Attacks using the Mind Stone inflicts a Shock and Concussion debuff, dealing 1% of Vision's health as damage. This effect lasts until Vision uses his first special attack. Gained with a Persistent Charge, or when an Sp1 is completed.
6, Stored Vibranium Energy: When this is active, all damage taken is stored in the vibranium, and released upon expiry. When this energy is released, gain 1 Armor Up for every 1 percent of health lost when Stored Vibranium Energy was active. This buff is always active until a heavy attack is performed, where the energy is released and this buff goes on cooldown for 15 seconds
7, Advanced Threat Detection: For every 1 percent of health lost during the fight, Vision gains a Fury buff, Auto Block chance is increased by 1%, and Evade chance is increased by 1%. The Fury buff lasts until a combo is completed, and when 5 Auto Block buffs are stacked, they turn into an Armor Up buff.
M1: Vision glides towards the opponent, punching them into the air
M2: Vision lets out a sudden burst of energy from the Mind Stone
L1: Vision punches the opponent across the face
L2: Vision uppercuts the opponent
L3: Vision jabs his knee into the opponent's stomach
Heavy Attack: Vision blasts the opponent with a close range energy beam, before punching them into the ground

Special Attacks:
Sp1: Vision unleashes a devastating beam of energy at the opponent, before slamming them into the ground. Gain 1 Mind Stone Energy buff
Sp2: Vision unleashes a series of devastating blows at the opponent, before blasting them with a concentrated, short-range beam of energy. Gain 1 AI Analysis buff and 5 Increased Density charges
Sp3: As the opponent charges towards Vision, he decreases his density, phasing through them, blasting them with a beam of energy. As the opponent charges towards Vision again, he increases his density, being unaffected by their attacks. He grabs the opponent, flying upwards, before slamming them into the ground/ Gain 10 Increased Density charges, Decreased Density triggers for 5 seconds, and Vibranium Exoskeleton triggers.

1, Visions
Vision(Classic): For every hit successfully blocked, 50% chance to gain an Armor Up buff, lasting until a heavy attack is performed
Vision(Aarkus): All Coldsnap effects gain +30% duration
Vision(Age Of Ultron): Decreased Density duration is increased by 50%

2, Meet Your Maker
Vision(Age Of Ultron): All effects granted by AI Analysis are doubled
Ultron: All debuff effects deal double damage, and Armor Ups can be converted into Fury buffs for every heavy attack performed

3, Age Of Ultron:
Vision(Age Of Ultron): For every #Avengers champion on your team, gain +10% attack rating
Captain America: Perfect Block chance is increased by 50%, and every Perfect Block performed has a 5% chance to trigger Unstoppable for 1 second
Iron Man: Every Perfect Block or Parry performed grants Iron Man an additional Armor Up buff
Black Widow: Cruelty and Precision buffs have 30% increased duration
Hawkeye: For every heavy attack performed when the opponent is under a Bleed effect, gain a Fury buff for 5 seconds
Thor: Stun duration is increased by 30%
Hulk: Increase all buff durations by 20%
Scarlet Witch: Increase Nullify chance by 30%

4, Father And Daughter
Vision(Age Of Ultron): Stored Vibranium Energy cooldown is decreased by 5 seconds
Viv Vision: After an sp3 is completed, gain 1 AI Analysis buff

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