Best way to get 5* Crystal Shards

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I need 5002 till I get my 1st 5* and I wanna know the best way to get them
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  • By selling your 10-12 4*s 3/30you will get nearly 5k shards(very bad idea)
    Which I've done in past and got 5* Rulk, so don't.
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    Arenas, the best part of the game
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    Arenas, wars, and whenever an event quest with 5* shards come up. Those are your best ways to get 5* shards, especially arenas.

    If u can get top 10% every 4* featured arena for the month, that's 8x400=3200 5* shards. With 8x800=6400 4* shards and assuming you dupe your 3 4* champs, you get another 775 5* shards, that's 3975 5* shards! Not to mention if u bother being the most addicted grinder and grind the top 10% reward for the 4* basic arena, that's 1600 5* shards a month, giving you 5575 5* shards just from arena.

    Yep, just from arena, we haven't counted in the monthly quest, the AW rewards, the summoner advancement, etc. Plenty of ways to get those 5* shards
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    ARENAS are the best source of everything in the game.

    completing event quests.

    given that you haven't received your first 5* yet, you're probably in the lower brackets. If you've played less than 3 months, get in the arena now and win.
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    If you're not up for getting the top 10% of the featured arena, figure out the most you can do for your roster and your schedule. Even if you have a full time job, family and commitments, there are still options.

    Are you able to at least get 2.2 million in the Featured Arena? That's 200 5* shards, which will add up over time. As others have said, getting 4.7 million and getting into the top 10% will get you 400 5* shards.

    Slightly easier is getting 1.75 million in the basic arena. That will also get you 200 5* shards. For someone who doesn't have any 5*s yet, that's probably the least work for the most 5* shards.

    Arenas also give you units, which you can use to occasionally buy good deals that have 5* shards.

    Are you in a good alliance? If your alliance can get into the rank rewards every week, or at least every two weeks, that will give you a good supply of shards.
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    Thank for this help lmao all I have like 18 now after my few years break
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