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Is Silver surfer actually a prestige only champ?

TP33TP33 Posts: 1,567 ★★★★
So i’ve pulled a 7* Surfer, and for a while i’ve been told he’s just a prestige champ. However back in the day when 5* champs were relevant (ancient history i know), I took my 5* all the way up and used him, I got some good use out of him but compared to the champs I remember (Archangel, Ægon, Human Torch) he seemed to underperform.

So I did some testing in ROL, with my 7* R1 level 25 Surfer, against my other 7* R1 level 25 7*s. I have a good mix of champs, but not all of the 7*s yet, so if you have other champions i didn’t test, do send your results below.

So firstly Surfer, I’m not a professional at playing him, but i went for the L3 rotation, into an L2/L1/L2 rotation, which I feel is the best rotation to maximise damage in a 500k health pool fight. Here were the results.

I then tried out a selection of champions, notable moments I will mention below these, but as of right now here were some under performers

for reference, I decided to change the fight up between champs as to not give them class advantage or disadvantage, however in ROL the health pools are pretty much all 540k.

Falcon and Joe Fixit did decently, i hear people singing their praises, and have used both in battlegrounds so I’m well aware how effective they can be.

Morbius was very similar to surfer, however the need for bleeds and the RNG aspect mean that whilst questing he becomes a very different champion to surfer. However for “just a prestige champion” i think surfer holds up well against a “super good damage dealer” morbius.

Chavez is just insane, love her, didn’t play optimally and was over 10 seconds faster. questing and in battlegrounds she’s a beast, so I wasn’t surprised by this result at all, and i’m well aware of how good Chavez is.

finally Guilllotine 2099

non ramped up, she ain’t great, but let’s see what she did when ramped up against Juggernaut

given that juggernaut kept throwing his L1s to slow guillotine down and yet still the fight was 30 seconds faster, it’s impressive.

given how the ROL fights are all very similar, especially winter soldier and Captain marvel, i thought this was a fair test, as so champion has an “ideal” matchup.I know champions like Wiccan benefit from high buff matchups, and this test doesn’t consider utility at all.

But Surfer doesn’t lack there either. Vigilance, Armour Break, Fury, Armour up, (Power rate?), ability to heavy attack without having to Parry, in my opinion this is where he shines more than his damage.


  • Emilia90Emilia90 Posts: 1,417 ★★★★★

    The real test: would you use him in content over other cosmic champs?

    Yeah. He’s better than Adam Warlock if you ask me, just handles different things.
    There’s no way he’s better than AW lmao. Even with his AI cooperation mechanic, he’s still great
  • Icy000Icy000 Posts: 273 ★★
    i use him in aq and he's good
  • ItsClobberinTimeItsClobberinTime Posts: 2,523 ★★★★★
    Emilia90 said:

    The real test: would you use him in content over other cosmic champs?

    Yeah. He’s better than Adam Warlock if you ask me, just handles different things.
    There’s no way he’s better than AW lmao. Even with his AI cooperation mechanic, he’s still great
    I think he's saying he's better because he can handle more matchups which is kinda true. If you look at all the meta BGs defenders, Adam can only take about 30% of them, the other 70% is just straight up suicide. Whether it's because he has no way to mitigate direct damage dealt back to him (thorns, crit failure etc), because they shrug off his taunts due to cleanse or purify, because the defender has mechanics that prevent him from staying aggressive (evade, falter, unstoppable etc) or simply because he can get stunned while in his pod.
  • RiderofHellRiderofHell Posts: 4,348 ★★★★★
    Can't imagine the hospital bills WS needs to pay after being someone's punching bag! 😂
  • Khellendros138Khellendros138 Posts: 510 ★★★
    Best part for me has always been the pseudo immunities, decent damage, and armor breaks
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 2,163 ★★★★
    Silver Surfer is not only prestige champion.. before I got any incinerate, shock, coldsnap immune champion.. i use him vs Bishop, Havok, Kitty Pryde, Vision Aarkus.. along with his own buffs: armor up, power gain, and fury.. and fire away a sp2 and SilverSurfer gains unblockable.. 💪 attack damage.. he can armor break opponents too.
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,567 ★★★★
    edited November 2023

    Accidentally got hit but doesn’t matter

    how did you get 33k? what rotation do you use?
  • SandeepSSandeepS Posts: 1,133 ★★★★
    Useful immunities help with aw minis. I've just got him and looking forward to testing him out
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