Best Necropolis Best Rewards

The most valuable “long term” rewards of Necropolis is the additional mastery point for completion by far!
Just my two cents🙂


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    SecondSkrillerSecondSkriller Posts: 1,044 ★★★★
    Lol I think that one extra point in inequity won’t obliterate anyone
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    AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 156

    It’s a good thing the whales love wasting units on stuff like this because no average player who is at end game level is gonna waste any money on content like this anymore. Why not come up with something original that isn’t just throw revives(units) at something til it’s dead. There are actually some very interesting nodes in there. Such a wasted opportunity.

    Whales? Waste money?
    Sir no one is using cash for this. You can effortlessly farm 60 revives in a month via 22 hour event and the daily.
    And Necropolis gets easier as the highly skilled show the correct attackers to use.
    Currently 30 revives is the gold standard and that’s nice.
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