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Welcome to the Necropolis! My first clear experience



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    HollowKisameHollowKisame Posts: 40
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    Sorry for spam, can't delete these damn posts.
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    HollowKisameHollowKisame Posts: 40
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    dirt13jr said:

    Welp, first guide I've made in a long time. Let's see how things go shall we?

    The Squad
    6* R4 sig 140 Aegon with BP relic
    6* R4 sig 20 Zemo with Valkyrie relic
    5* R4 OG BP, along with 6* and 5* BPCW (for extra bleed damage, was hoping to buff zemo and to an extent aegon for this run)

    The Stash:
    4430 units
    20 L1 revives
    20 L2 revives plus 7 in the stash
    Max stacks of L3 potions plus 256 in stash
    25 L4 potions plus 7 in the stash
    10 L5 potions
    6 L2 team revives
    220 free crystals
    A few of the big 1 hour health, attack and champion boosts

    Masteries: had a basic setup with no suicides, had 1 point in deep wounds for both zemo and aegon.

    Journey To The Grandmaster (Started on titania path and then took the path starting with guardian)

    TRAP NODE ALERT: From Titania to Psycho Man you will have a trap node where you gain tranquilize whenever you parry an attack. This means that your parries and other debuffs may fail from time to time as a result. Try to minimize parrying if possible and be ready for a parry to fail if you have a tranquilize on you.

    AMBUSH NOTE: On the path you will very likely be ambushed by a treasure deadpooloid or two. These guys only have around 140K health so they are quite easy to deal with. He has prompts at 66% and 33% to complete before you can keep dealing damage to him, and if you kill him in 60 seconds or less he will give your champ 25% more attack for the next 2 fights. In terms of special attacks he has joe fixit's sp2 and elektra's sp1 so very easy to evade.

    Titania was a bit annoying. Basically if you dash back too often she's going to pause her haymaker, and if it isn't active she'll inflict weakness debuffs instead. Use aegon and get him ramped up here. Be aware that once your necropolis charges reaches half of the starting value (70 for a 6* R4) the opponent will hit considerably harder and you will be rooted during their specials. This combined with titania's haymaker can make for a rough time. For safety, you'll ideally want to quit out of the fight as soon as she hit the first enrage to bank your combo. If the haymaker is still on cooldown you can probably go for a little longer, but as far as I'm aware titania's specials can't be fully evaded when rooted. 9 revives here, lost the combo on a lot of silly mistakes so the ramp up could definitely be faster, ended this fight with around 400 combo.

    Aarkus is quite annoying. Whenever you purify one of his armor breaks or coldsnap debuffs, he gets a stacking power gain passive. This combined with his base power gain can make things get out of hand real fast. Use aegon and do 4 hit combos before dashing back to prevent him from armor breaking you. If you want you can use sp2 for damage as long as you don't back aarkus up against the wall. Don't be afraid to eat some sp2 block damage if you have to, though do be aware it can be very deadly once he enrages. Be as open as possible when baiting special attacks and make sure to quit out of the fight to bank your combo if you are about to die. 7 revives, ended this one with around 700 combo.

    Now here's where the run starts to get juicy. Omega Sentinel was the fight where Aegon really started to put in work. She has parry on her autoblock, however with Aegon's true accuracy that's not really a problem. Later on she starts gaining more armor when you crit her and becomes armor break immune when either champion blocks, but that's not really anything special. Don't use sp2 or you will trigger her self- repair, instead charge your heavy and let her hit you to get the furies so you can deal some mega damage. Bait sp1 as it is fairly easy to evade even when you are rooted and you should be good. 4 revives, got to around 950 combo on this fight.

    Air-Walker was quite a nuisance. He basically gains his sp3 galactus buff every 15 seconds unless you knock him down, however this buff makes him unstoppable and also heals him for a massive amount. I tried both Aegon and Zemo for this fight and found Aegon to be the quicker option overall. Use heavy attacks and specials whenever you can, especially if you are about to start baiting specials. If he does get the buff, QUIT THE FIGHT IMMEDIATELY or else he will heal up like crazy. 9 revives plus 3 team revives for this one, mostly because I was experimenting with Zemo on this fight as well. (Fun fact, getting rooted actually makes dexing his specials easier since his sp1 projectile is normally slow as hell, try to bait sp1 but he gets pushed to sp2 it is possible to fully evade it when rooted, it's basically a punch and then perfectly timed version of cyclops' sp1)

    Captain Britain was annoying, but once you get used to it it's not terrible. Whenever you purify a debuff, your controls get inverted for 4 seconds. This means that when you are using Aegon you are going to have inverted controls for about 70% of the fight. Play around the controls and watch out for the timer expiring if she starts being passive. When enraged, bait sp1 as the sp2 is much trickier to fully evade when rooted. And of course, charge your heavy and get those furies. 7 revives.

    Wiccan was a pain because I didn't have the right strategy at first, however once I figured it out he was fairly straightforward. He gains a timer while both champs have the same power bar level, and if it expires he steals all of your power. This is quite easy to manage, however you MUST push him to sp2 and bait that out constantly, his sp1 is easier to evade but gives him a massive heal on activation. Heal up on this fight to take some incinerate and sp2 damage if you have to and you should be good. 6 revives.

    Psycho Man was easy. Complete his prompts, dex his specials, get your furies, win. 2 revives.

    TRAP NODE ALERT: A new node has appeared. There is no more tranquilize, but whenever you land the same combo ender twice in a row it will be auto blocked. Aegon true accuracy and unblockable exists though so this is not really a problem at all.

    Guardian was easy, he basically gains armor every few seconds and gains power whenever you hit his block. Would be a real shame for him if Aegon had unblockable... Bait sp1, hit him until someone dies, revive, repeat. Try not to charge heavy too much since his shock damage on crits can bypass your damage cap. 3 revives.

    Valkyrie is a bit quirky with Aegon. She gains a pierce passive whenever either champion strikes block, however her specials cost nothing if she doesn't have it. With Aegon's unblockable above 999 combo, this calls for a change in strategy. At the start of the fight, DO NOT HIT HER DIRECTLY. Instead, pound into her block until she reaches about 100 combo. At this point, go bananas. Try to deal as much damage as possible, though be aware that a single blocked hit will almost certainly kill you. Additionally, she will ignore your unstoppable on your heavy attacks so don't use those either. Once she enrages, try to push her to sp2 as from my experience the sp1 is impossible to fully evade while rooted. 5 revives.

    Red Guardian is cheesy. Use heavy attacks to gain power without breaking his shield, then use a relic or special attack to break it safely. Once his shield is broken, charge heavy to gain your furies if you can and get some juicy damage. Watch out for the periodic unblockable below 40% and you should be fine. When enraged, try to push to sp2 as sp1 is quite difficult to evade when rooted. 1 revive.

    Sam Wilson was long but nothing special. He inflicts rupture debuffs if you hit his block but that's not a problem for Aegon. Bait sp1 and try not to charge heavy too much since he can inflict instant rupture on crits. 4 revives.

    Dragon Man was sluggish. Every 3 crits you land on him gives him stun immunity for a few seconds, so make sure to bait those specials. Block the third and fourth hits of the sp1 to remove his power charge and charge heavy if the opportunity presents itself. Very long fight, heal up to take more special attack damage. 6 revives.

    Cap was easy. He basically rotates between his class abilities from his sig, only one you need to worry about is skill since he will consume his kinetic potential to purify debuffs. Both specials are easy to dex while rooted so a solo is absolutely possible on this fight. Used 1 revive here.

    Nova was a slogger. Whenever you stand near him for 6 seconds he gets a charge, and he power burns you at 5 charges. This isn't hard to manage, but your unblockable attacks will deal 70% less damage for most of the fight. Bait and dodge his specials, both are easy to evade even when rooted. Charge your heavy and get furies. 7 revives.

    And now the main event, Nameless Grandmaster...

    First things first, there is no more necropolis global nodes. No more root, yay! But the Grandmaster definitely makes up for it lol. Here's a phase-by-phase breakdown of the fight...

    The first phase is straightforward. Parry and use heavy to try and get the knockdown challenge banned asap. From there, use light attacks, parry and dexterity to get those banned as well. Dodge the sp1 blast and follow the cubes and you will have him wounded. However, if you see the green circle on grandmaster start to tick down, a red light is about to occur. During a red light, DO NOT MOVE OR BLOCK OR DO ANYTHING or else you will gain failure tokens. Be ready to move as soon as the red light ends because the grandmaster can smack you immediately if you aren't on your toes. Save your strikers for when he is wounded and then use them to pause the wounded phase to deal more damage.

    Second phase involves completing his challenges, but you should only do the challenges if there is a "Grandmaster says" prompt on the right side of the screen. Otherwise, you must deliberately fail the challenge. Bait sp1 and complete the games and you will eventually wound him. Be aware that he is now stun immune for the rest of the fight.

    Third phase is the same as phase 2, except your controls are permanently inverted and the grandmaster has ridiculous power gain. Try to stay away from cornering the grandmaster since it will make his power gain even worse. Prepare to eat some sp2s in this phase. Do not use champs with reverse control immunity since you will start degening.

    Now the final phase... is utterly ridiculous.

    During this phase, you have intercept him and hit him with a sp1, sp2 and sp3 to finally KO him, however EVERY action you take that isn't blocking will invert your controls or revert them again. This includes stuff like basic attacks as well as dashing back, so it's very easy to get lost. (For example, if you wanted to dash back twice and your controls were not inverted, you must swipe left, and then swipe right because your controls will then be inverted). Luckily, his removed immortality effects will not come back even if you die, so if you intercepted him and then died, you won't have to intercept him again to kill him. Bringing someone with reverse control immunity (ie. Professor X) to deal with this phase is not a bad idea for your first clear. First 3 phases took me 4 revives, final phase took me 12 revives.

    And that's that! Overall Necropolis first clear wasn't too bad, you can honestly just do it with aegon and a team built around him. Very happy with the end result.

    The Final Cost:
    1600 units spent on L2 single revives
    All of my stashed revives except for 3 L1 revives
    3 team revives
    All of my potions in the stash
    5 each of the 1 hour health, attack and champion boosters, plus some 30 minute health boosters since I ran out
    150 free crystals, got 3 L2 revives, 2 L1 revives and a lot of L4 and L5 potions from those
    About 6 hours of my Wednesday

    The Rewards:
    Pulled a cosmic 7* 2-3 gem. Best option for that rn is surfer so probably gonna save it for now.
    Selected a tech and mutant from my 7* selectors, got gambit and also shuri. Groovy.
    Pulled a 6* venom relic from my relic crystal. Probably will give it to my 6* venom.
    Put my extra mastery point into deep wounds. Aside from aegon and zemo I also have fury and mole man at R4 so I think they will get a real nice benefit out of it.
    Saving my 7* generic 1-2 gem for shuri, if I can somehow get tech iso first (kabam please)
    Got 200 tier 2 pixie dust from my necropolis chest, used it to ascend Aegon. He now joins Mr. Negative as my 2nd ascended 6*.
    And of course, the 6* Maestro. Gonna have to do some testing with the guy, seems like a defense champ for the most part but hopefully he's got some sauce.

    And just like that, I am now Ruler of the Necropolis! (At least until I start exploring this thing lol).

    Final thoughts
    1. Take up your Aegons, folks.
    2. The Zemogate is real. I barely used Zemo this run, so he could definitely be swapped out for someone like proxima to juice up aegon a bit more.
    3. My team definitely was not the best for an Aegon-centric build. Build your team around Aegon alone if you are planning on using him for your first clear. He can do this path completely by himself.
    4. Suicides will definitely help out here. These fights have around 7-8 million hitpoints, and the final grandmaster has around 12 million, so more damage will be appreciated
    5. Boost and TAKE BREAKS. Don't be like me and complete it day 1. Please.
    6. It'll probably be a minute before I do another path in this thing. Gonna build the stash back up again and take Shuri to R2 before I consider doing another run.

    Hope this helped y'all!

    just waiting to get that dupe on my 6* aegon haha
    Edit to cancel the long unnecessary quote.
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    HollowKisameHollowKisame Posts: 40
    edited December 2023
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    InfamousMikeInfamousMike Posts: 71
    Great guide..
    Do the same for the other path please..
    This guide help me a lot..
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    Grootman1294Grootman1294 Posts: 874 ★★★★

    Great guide..
    Do the same for the other path please..
    This guide help me a lot..

    Glad I could be of help. Hate to be a shameless promoter here but I also got guides for the fantastic/apoc, Odin/stryfe and roblin/Elsa paths posted. I've finished the other two paths and will make guides for those hopefully by Tuesday.
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    InfamousMikeInfamousMike Posts: 71

    Great guide..
    Do the same for the other path please..
    This guide help me a lot..

    Glad I could be of help. Hate to be a shameless promoter here but I also got guides for the fantastic/apoc, Odin/stryfe and roblin/Elsa paths posted. I've finished the other two paths and will make guides for those hopefully by Tuesday.
    You should think about making a video and putting it on YouTube, I'm sure it will go well...

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