Cavalier, Act 5 100% or Variants

Hi, I js finished act 5 and it was fairly easy difficulty most of the way. I've heard that 6.1 and variants are a step up in difficulty so wondering if my roster is ready for 6.1 and variants or if I should circle back to exploring Act 5.

I used these champs for Act 5

5* r5 Dragon Man
5* r5 Human Torch
4* r5 ascended awakened Hercules
5* r5 Corvus Glaive awakened
6* r2 Archangel awakened
5* r4 Scorpion
4* r5 Cosmic Ghost Rider

These are the main champs I used for Act 5 completion


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    JJMACJJMAC Posts: 87
    I have more champs but these are the main ones I used for Act 5 completion
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    PT_99PT_99 Posts: 2,743 ★★★★★
    Never ever touch varients now, very hard, very stupid rewards, just do cav
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    ReignkingTWReignkingTW Posts: 2,589 ★★★★★
    Do story content.

    That AA will do a lot of work for you.
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    mattressmattress Posts: 420 ★★★
    I would go for cav, especially if you're looking to spend on cyber weekend
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    FeuerschwerFeuerschwer Posts: 320 ★★
    Definitely push for Cav, the improved rewards and offers add up over time; you can go back to act 5 and do variants once you hit a wall in story progress.
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    JJMACJJMAC Posts: 87
    Aii, I'll start pushing for Cav then
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