Thor (Ragnorok) unaffected by Gwenpool's ENERVATE? [Not A Bug]

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Not sure if this by design or not. The description for "Boon of the Gods" states that it is not affected by Ability Accuracy but makes no mention of a debuff. I haven't tested if Power Lock from Magik or Dormammu is similarly ineffective.
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    Enervate only works with Gwen pools hits. Not a power lock, md and other passive power gains will always still work
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    I noticed the same thing, gwenpools evervate did not did not actally prevent his power gain but just the power gained from your hits. I used my magik however and she did the trick, no problem with her!
  • Great! Thanks for the info.
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    Hey @Rangertim. I'm glad the previous comments were able to help you get this figured out. I'm going to go ahead and close the thread now. Thanks!
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