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Necropolis Completion Team

No Aegon or Shuri for me, so I’m planning to do a Necro completion run this next month. If anyone has tips for what path I should take or team members I should switch out, I’d appreciate the advice!

6*r5A Kate Bishop
7*r2 America
7*r1 Wiccan
6*r1 Heimdall

Not sure who would be best for my fifth team member yet, so any recommendations would be helpful!


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    xakhllxakhll Posts: 24
    Additionally, any help with Kate Bishop rotations would useful. I’ve seen a lot of threads and videos about getting solos with her, and I’ve been able to do good damage with her, but I can’t seem to get the right rotation down to max her damage. What’s the best trick arrow to start with? How are you keeping the AI in the corner?
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    MarvelNoobMarvelNoob Posts: 1,071 ★★★★
    I would highly recommend either herc or adam for guardian and OS. With kate you wanna sp1 spam and for some fights like titania and air walker do 2 tranquilize, 3 fragility, then 3 coldsnap to optimize damage.
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